The Amity Africa Great Green Wall Project

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The Amity Africa Great Green Wall Project is a joint initiative of

the National Center for Race Amity and Hope Initiatives International

The Great Green Wall

Africa’s Great Green Wall is one of the most bold and ambitious environmental initiatives ever undertaken on the face of the earth. It is so bold that when completed it will, literally, be visible from space.

The Great Green Wall is a transcontinental ribbon of hope, stretching 5000 miles across the Sahel, crossing 11 countries, from Senegal in the west to the Republic of Djibouti in the east. When completed, it will be the longest continuous organism on Earth, three times longer than Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The purpose of the Great Green Wall is to combat the impact of desertification caused by Climate Change and Global Warming. It aims to restore millions of hectares of degraded land, create 10 million green jobs, and offer food security and income to rural communities.

Speaking in Ireland in 2018, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Monique Barbut, stated:

“The Great Green Wall promises a brighter future for rural youth in Africa and a chance to revitalize their own communities, proving a ribbon of hope, uniting young people around a common epic ambition to Grow a 21st Century World Wonder, across borders and across Africa.”

Amity Africa Great Green Wall

The National Center for Race Amity (NCRA) and Hope Initiatives International (HII) have partnered with the African NGO ORGIIS Ghana (Organization for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability). ORGIIS Ghana ( is a youth inspired movement who are determined to help rural communities in northern Ghana and Burkina Faso to build sustainable futures. Their work has been recognized by the United Nations and they are officially considered a Great Green Wall Project. ORGIIS Ghana is the official partner of the Amity Great Green Wall initiative.

ORGIIS is involved in rural development, building women cooperatives, education, training and an impressive nursery farm in which they grow Baobab and Moringa trees. The Moringa tree is considered a miracle tree, growing in its first year from seedling to over 12 feet. It requires little water and its leaves are a powerhouse of health inducing vitamins and minerals.

Amity Great Green Wall will focus on the planting, growing, and nurturing of Moringa trees.


ORGIIS Ghana adopts innovative and cutting edge approaches to spur local initiatives of Sustainable Development. In particular ORGIIS-Ghana aims to leverage appropriate indigenous knowledge to overcome the challenges of under-development, Good Governance, poverty, climate change and environmental degradation in northern Ghana and southern Burkina Faso. By adopting a multi-sectoral approach ORGIIS-Ghana aims to contribute to sustainable local development by infusing formal knowledge in the fields of agronomy, extension, Anthropology, Sociology , Economics, Conservation, ICT for development, with indigenous knowledge to ensure enhanced impact of development interventions on local communities.

ORGIIS-Ghana was inspired by youth and is now the brainchild of young professionals in various fields of endeavor who, having seen the enormous potential of indigenous knowledge to contribute to local development, saw the need to focus on developing innovative solutions for local developmental challenges.


The mission of ORGIIS is employing the skills of young professionals and available Indigenous knowledge for sustainable development, poverty alleviation and fight against climate change and environmental degradation.


The objectives of ORGIS are as follows:

  • To serve as a catalyst for increased action for sustainable natural resources management and poverty alleviation.
  • To strengthen the capacity of grass roots and Duty bearers for natural resources conservation and good governance.
  • To promote livelihood enhancement through community enterprising and co-operatives.
  • To use Modern ICT tools to bridge the dive between Urban and Rural dwellers.
  • Network with other organizations in its sphere of work.

    To be a key contributor in assisting Africa grow the Great Green Wall.


We envisage a world where communities manage their environment in a sustainable and healthy manner and where equal opportunities exist for all people in the use of natural resources and Indigenous Knowledge.

The Great Green Wall is a wall the whole world can believe in!

Together, let’s help Africa grow it!