Towards E Pluribus Unum

National Center for Race Amity

National Center for Race Amity


The National Center for Race Amity (NCRA) was established in January 2011. It received its founding grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The National Center for Race Amity (NCRA) now in its ninth year was founded on the vision of E Pluribus Unum, out of many one.


Our mission is to influence the public discourse on race by moving beyond the blame, grievance and rejection dynamic of race relations to one that recognizes and builds on our ability to overcome racial prejudice through association, amity, and collaboration.

America’s “other tradition”, Race Amity

America’s history of racial oppression has a moral counterweight. It is the long and growing history of interracial cooperation. It has been called America’s “other tradition”, Race Amity. The spirit of amity has fostered interracial understanding and cooperation, care and friendships that have changed the course of American history and the lives of countless people.

Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, presents signed Race Amity Day Act to William H. “Smitty” Smith, Ed. D.

To demonstrate “the other tradition” as an entry point for change and healing, the National Center for Race Amity puts the lessons of race amity to work to enhance access, equity, and social justice through constructive discourse, the arts and social action, to continue our progress Towards E Pluribus Unum.

NCRA Initiatives

Along with being the co-organizer of the Amity Africa Great Green Wall Project the National Center for Race Amity has several initiatives: NCRA’s programs generate income to support itself and its programs. 


Organizing national and regional race amity conferences including conferences specifically for youth.


Creation of media programs focusing on race amity for public television.


Development and distribution of curriculum materials for class room and theater use.


Offering of on- line seminars for lay people and organizations to organize race amity activities for local Race Amity Day observations ( 2nd Sunday in June annually).


Leading legislative initiatives for states and the national to establish official recognition of Race Amity Day


Development of the National Race Amity Institute in Atlanta, Georgia (presently in pre-construction phase with construction to begin in Spring of 2020.

NCRA’s programs generate income to support itself and its programs.

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